Fairfield Park Lower School

Pupil Roles

School Council

What is a school council?

Each year every class vote for as school councillor, to represent their class. We become the “voice” of our classes and bring their ideas and suggestions to our regular school council meetings. It is our job, as school councillors, to use these ideas to make the school a better place for everyone. We discuss updates and initiatives with our classes and feedback their views and ideas in the school council meetings. We also wear badges to identify our role throughout the school.

What do school councillors do?

As well as representing the views and opinions of our classes, we have also been thinking about how we can be responsible for our school environment. Every week we pick a cloakroom that is awarded ‘TidyTed’ we also have been involved in creating community volunteers who help around the school.

The school community have also signed the Anti-Bullying Charter, as a school we agreed what we think bullying is and how we would respond to it. We are making posters so everyone knows what to do if they’re being bullied.

We have continued to develop our link with Baycroft Fairfield the local care home, we have been involved in designing T-Shirts, singing carols and naming their new rooms and suites.

Our elected School Councillors for this year are:

Dickens Boulevard

Hedgehogs              Lily W

Badgers                   Theo T

Swan                        Maisie H

Robins                     Matilda KW

Otters                      Freddie B

Foxes                       Harriet S

Kestrels                   Isabel H

Kingfishers             Masie K-W

Ruskin Drive

Turtles            Wyatt F-S

Seahorses      Blake P

Panda             Euan W

Well done to the new school council who were voted by their class to represent them. Mrs Ward will be meeting with them regularly on Thursday mornings and our first priority will be showing our values by looking after our school. This will involve environment, behaviour, lunch and lost property monitors. After half term we will be working on the school council taking assemblies.