Fairfield Park Lower School

Weekly Remote Learning Plans

At the beginning of each week, remote learning for your child’s year group will be available on the relevant tab on the menu. 

Please contact the Office (office@fairfieldparklower.uk) to inform of us their self-isolation absence.  You will be directed to the year group page to access remote learning. 

The class teacher will also be informed and they will call your child towards the beginning of your child’s self-isolation to discuss work and expectations.  They will also agree when they will make a subsequent call.  Please be aware, that depending on the circumstances, we endeavour that calls will be made by your child’s class teacher, however this may not always be possible and another staff member may make the call. 

Please be aware:

The most typical self-isolation scenario is class teachers teaching classes in school while individuals from the class self-isolate; this means communication will be after the school day and scheduled around other school commitments.